collection three

‘summer’s winter coat’

The fluidity and form of summer’s growth de-saturated with winter’s colour palette. Tones, tools and techniques an exploration in leather for luxury interiors. This is my latest collection and includes leather marquetry, hand tooling, embossing and gilding.bloom close watermarked









collection two

‘what is this life?’

A collection inspired from an old poem framed on the wall at my childhood home. Stopping and staring and looking closely at the beautiful Leicestershire countryside that surrounds me. This collection contains leather wall panels created using may different techniques including carving, embossing and gilding.daisy diamond water marked





collection one

‘a walk’  – A Walk 7 LRin the style of a haiku poem

Capturing nature and the innocent feeling of a walk in the woods with a young family . This collection contains leather weaving, manipulation and surface design.